Development and Influence of Public Policy

In the field, you will encounter policies that affect groups of people or even whole populations. It will be incumbent upon you to objectively evaluate these policies.


For this assignment, you will select a policy that lies at the center of your analysis in this course. The policy you choose will be the same policy through Week Six. Do not deviate from your chosen policy; you must use the same policy in subsequent assignments. Send me a copy of or a link to your chosen policy before proceeding with this assignment.

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Select one of the following socially charged policies:

  • Economics
  • Budgets
  • Health care
  • Welfare
  • Social Security
  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Energy
  • Foreign policy
  • Homeland Security


Your supervisor has asked you to make a presentation to the task force examining the policy that you intend to analyze. You will work on this presentation throughout the course.


Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you critique the policy in terms of justice and security. The first slide needs to contain the title of your presentation. The second slide should introduce the potential stakeholders who may be affected by the policy. The rest of the slides should address the following objectives:


  • How did the policy develop in terms of Money, Message, and Momentum? (Three slides)
  • How has the policy evolved since its inception?
  • What are some alternatives to this policy?
  • What is influencing the discussion around this policy?
  • What are the security issues associated with this policy?


Include comprehensive speaker notes. For help with speaker notes, consult the guide on how to create speaker notes from Microsoft®.


Format your presentation to ensure that the slide titles reflect the objective to which they are responding and only contain essential information. Slides should follow the objectives in the order as listed above. Slides should contain bullet notes that highlight your information but your speaker notes convey the details you would give if you were presenting. Include a slide with APA-formatted references. This slide and the title slide do not count toward the overall slide count.


Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed or similar scholarly references beyond the course texts and associated learning activities to support your analysis. Scholarly sources are publications from professional organizations that are written by academics or other experts which contribute to knowledge in a particular field. Please review the document titled, “Unacceptable web sources,” found in the Course Resources section of the classroom. Your best sources for scholarly material are the university library or possibly Google Scholar.




I take plagiarism very seriously and WILL report any student who I suspect plagiarized either a paper or a discussion post to the university’s Academic Review Team. If reported, you will receive a zero on the assignment. Please be aware that I run EVERY assignment through the University’s plagiarism checker, along with other sources. Even though you have access to the same tool, when I run assignments, any use of papers from other students is identified as well. Using your own previously submitted assignments or substantial portions thereof also constitutes plagiarism; this is known as “dovetailing” or self-plagiarism.


Please review the University’s Student Code of Academic Integrity at this link: Student Code of Academic IntegrityThe use of a paraphrase generator or “word spinner” is expressly prohibited and is considered plagiarism, as it is a means to disguise copied material. In addition, papers suspected of being generated by Artificial Intelligence will be forwarded to conduct resolutions for examination. If plagiarism is suspected in an assignment, the assignment will not be graded, a score of zero will be recorded for that assignment, and a violation of the student code of academic conduct will be submitted to the university. Be aware that collaborating with other students on an individual assignment may result in material being substantially similar to plagiarism checkers and can trigger a review. Do not rely on the SafeAssign plagiarism checker to determine whether or not you have plagiarized material. This tool is not infallible and If I discover plagiarized material with tools other than SafeAssign, I will report the suspected plagiarism to the university’s Academic Review Team. You know where your information comes from; the safest way to avoid plagiarism is to not copy someone else’s material.


Class, in other courses that are heavily dependent on empirical research, I enforce a specific rule for resource information. Typically, I require that sources be no older than 10 years (five years is sometimes used). The reason for this rule is that information becomes “stale” over time, and what was true 10 years ago may not be true today. I do not have the rule for this class, as the assignments do not rely so much on specific source information. Even so, using outdated information can result in incorrect or misleading facts. Please weigh the use of dated information with the relevancy of contemporary circumstances.

Please read the assignment.  I can’t afford to fail this class.  

Please send the link before beginning the assignment.  I’m looking at the topic “Welfare”


Thank you!

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