What is your belief about why nursing exists?

What is your belief about why nursing exists?

My Own Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Paper details:
This assignment requires you to use the processes of critical thinking and reflective writing to develop a beginning personal nursing philosophy which includes the four nursing metaparadigm concepts of person, nursing, health, and environment. Use the following questions to guide the development of your philosophy:
1) What is your belief about the individual person?
2) What is included in the environment?
3) How do the individual and the environment interact?
4) What is your view of health?
5) How does illness relate to health?
6) What is your belief about why nursing exists?

This Nursing Philosophy Paper is expected to meet APA style and manuscript guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). The body of the paper is to include an introductory paragraph, actual body of paper, and a closing paragraph, with a maximum length of the body of the paper to be no more than 5 pages. The body of the paper can not be less then 5 pages and no more then 5 pages. Most include a title page, abstract page, body of paper, and a reference page. The references need to be within the last five years with at least three or more professional nursing references.
Criteria for Evaluation of Nursing Philosophy Paper
1) Discussion of metaparadigm concepts included in philosophy
2) Incorporation of personal beliefs regarding the profession of nursing
3) Correct grammar, spelling, and APA format
4) Use of a minimum of 3 professional nursing refences




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