Social Science homework help

Part I

Healthcare organizations must be economically viable to implement and maintain policies. The cost-benefit analysis measures viability and highlights when or where changes need to be made to ensure financial sustainability. Find a healthcare company (department or company-wide) of your choosing and in a minimum of 250 words examine the financial policy within that company that supports or negates sustainability (i.e., cost, benefit, and outcome). Provide a rationale for your position.


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Must use at least one scholarly source and document all sources in APA style.

Part II

Assessing value in health care is based on the outcome. The policy that is implemented to analyze value must be one that is specific to the healthcare organization and must address the value issues (i.e., past, current, and forecasted). It is important to note that ethics and values are both inclusive and exclusive of each other in terms of policy; from both the stance of “professional decision-making” and “policy analysis.” In a minimum of 250 words, discuss the following:

Review the “General Requirements for Informed Consent” in the attachment.

Create an Informed Consent (for a hypothetical human subject research) using items 1 – 8 under Section A in the attachment.

Must use at least one scholarly source and document all sources in APA style. Social Science homework help