Reading And Answer Questions-Urgent

NOTE: This work due in 2.5 hours. 


Please read a document carefully in the attachment, which includes “Chapter 3: The Third Week [of the Research Process]” (p. 79-110).

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And then answer 6 questions. Your answers must be correct at all. Please be Careful! Thanks!!


1. According to Ballenger, what is the benefit of writing in the middle of the research process?

2. Give an example of an attribution tag.

3. What are the four kinds of borrowing that often happen in student work (and which describe different types of plagiarism or near-plagiarism)?

4. As Ballenger writes, it is not necessary to reference a source when you discuss “common knowledge” in a paper. How can you determine whether something is common knowledge or not?

5. According to Ballenger, what is the difference between “dump truck driving” and “knowledge making” in a paper?

6. Review the note-taking techniques described on pages 97-106. Which note-taking technique do you think would be most useful for you during your research and why?

Alternatively, if you have already begun using one of these techniques in your research, which one have you been using and why?

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