Psychology homework help

Moving from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to Individual and Community Resilience

Before you write your initial posting:

Think carefully about all of the aspects of your teaching/learning conversation.

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  • How did it feel to teach another person/people about ACEs and resilience?
  • What new insights did you gain that you hadn’t gained from learning about ACEs and resilience before the conversation?

As you prepare to write:

Think about: the overall experience of your teaching/learning conversation.


  • In your initial Discussion posting, respond to ALL of these guiding questions:
    • What was the experience of sharing your knowledge of ACEs and resilience with another person?
    • What were 4 points of your collective learning (We didn’t know that!) about individual resilience from Hunt’s Ted Talk and theory of change in the context of trauma and community resilience from the video?


    • What was the experience like of taking the 3 inventories together?
    • How were both/all your impressions of the results of the inventory similar and different?
    • What was your own experience like working through the parts of this activity with another person?

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