Operations Management homework help

The structure of a healthcare organization reflects the healthcare needs of the population. The organizational chart depicts the structure and tells you about hierarchy in the organization, responsibilities, communication channels, and reporting. Some structures have many levels, whereas others have few levels. Healthcare organizations may adopt simple, functional, divisional, or matrix structures.

This week, you will present a chart on organizational structure to your healthcare manager and colleagues. Include the following in your report:


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  • Provide a brief on functional, divisional, and matrix structures.
  • Which type depicts a typical structure in healthcare organizations?
  • Give 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of each structure.
  • Include a sample of a tall organizational chart and a flat chart.
  • Describe how the tall and flat structures affect communication, teamwork, and patient care in the healthcare organization.

Deliverable Requirements

  • Include 3 references
  • Minimum of 5 pages
  • Use the APA format Operations Management homework help
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