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There are many types of leaderships. The worse type of leadership that I have worked with in my career is a laissez-faire leader. A laissez-faire leader is one that has an attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering (Cherry, 2021). This kind of leadership of being indecisive and uninvolved can cause problem among staff which may even result in poor patient care management. I have the unfortunate opportunity to work with such a person. I had a nurse manger who was given a position because she had a master’s degree. She had very little clinical experience. She ran the unit as if she were everyone friend. She was always trying to please everyone. In the meantime, some nurses were very angry with her and did not like her laissez-faire attitude because some people were taking advantage of the way she manages the unit to do whatever they want. Therefore, if a laissez-faire style is being used, I believe the leadership must suit the group as a whole and it must exist in the right environment for it to be effective (Malec, 2021). Nursing homework help


Although, a laissez-faire leader maybe someone who wants to her staff to grow and make their own decision while she avoid micromanaging. But I believe as leader, a knowledge nurse needs to guide and influence those working with them. As seasoned nurses, we need to guide, teach and be examples if we are in management positions. According to Broome, (2012) Authentic, transforming power emanates from values and principles. Principle-based power is not self-advancement. Rather, the more one empowers other, the more power is generated. A laissez-faire can be a good way to manage due to its advantages, where the leader can be an: Excellent delegators, Team builders, Trusting, Thoughtful and Reflective (Malec, 2021). Nursing homework help

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