Nursing homework help

Discussion: Remember the word counts for all posts and to use one outside source – cited and referenced for full credit.

As technology in healthcare continues a shift to homecare is inevitable, safety is of utmost importance. Review the most current Patient Safety Goals for homecare found under the NPSG Program Links. Review the 5 NPGS listed for the Home Care option and discuss each one related to how the nurse can ensure they are met. Finally, locate an article that discusses technology and home care and summarize the findings. How will this shift to home care impact your day-to-day nursing practice? Nursing homework help


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Make sure word count is 400 words

2- Assignment: Be sure anytime you complete a PPT there is a title slide, objective slide, -content slides, and reference slide. BE SURE TO CITE ALL SOURCES USED IN AN APA FORMATTED TEXTBOX. PUT ALL YOUR FINDINGS INTO ONE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION.

A helpful quick how-to can be found at this recorded Webinar PPT presentation –

The PPT includes information about Telehealth and Beyond. It should be 11-17 slides as noted below and use at least 3 sources throughout. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements. The Rubric is for PPT – found in the Assignment Upload link in the lower right corner– please review. Multimedia counts for 30% of the grade.  Please be sure to add images or graphs, etc…. to meet the requirement. 

· Title Slide (1 slide)

· Objective Slide (1 slide)

· Describe the need for Telehealth services. (2-3 slides)

· Explain the difference between Synchronous Telehealth and Asynchronous Telehealth. (1-2 slides)

· Offer personal opinions of Telehealth (can use the first person here). (1-2 slides)

· Find an article on a new or upcoming technology change, discuss main points regarding the technology. (remember to cite the article) (2-4 slides)

· Explain how nursing is impacted by this new technology.  (2-3 slides)

· References (1 slide)

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American psychological association (7th ed.)  Nursing homework help

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