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Knowing what you have experienced as a customer will help you understand how to better communicate with customers you face. After reading the text and participating in the scenario, reflect on experiences you have had as a customer in the twenty-first century.


Address the following in your initial response:

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Technology has increased the number of ways a customer in the twenty-first century interacts with a company and receives service. Social media, online bill paying, online shopping, online tutorials, webinars, technical assistance, online chat services and email are just a few of the ways these interactions can occur because of technology.

Think of two recent experiences you have had using one of these methods of interacting with the company. One should be an example of your needs being met, one should be an example of your needs not being met.

For each experience, evaluate the effectiveness of your ability to have your needs met, addressing how your expectations were met relation to measures of availability, accessibility and accountability. Be specific in how your needs were/were not met. Marketing homework help

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