Marketing Assignment help

This assessment is in two parts. Students will be provided with a real public relations case. Students are required to critique the case and recommend a new campaign based on the format, strategies and tactics learned during the term. Marketing Assignment help

Part A

Consider the public relations case that has been provided.

Write a Public Relations campaign report for submission to the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation.

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Part B

In an essay, explain and justify your campaign report. Further research about the organisation may be required.


The following aspects must be incorporated into your response:

  • Explain how the campaign can be classified as public relations.
  • What were the issues that the campaign was attempting to address?
  • What was done well? Think about your goal, objectives, strategies, tactics, target public, timing and budget. For example, strategies may have been used that were appropriate in the circumstances, and that reached the key publics.
  • What was done poorly? For example, your key message may not have been consistent across strategies, or the strategies may have targeted incorrect publics. Perhaps an issue emerged in the situation that was not examined in the campaign.

It is expected that further research will be undertaken on the campaign through online searches (including websites, YouTube, blogs and social media) and in academic journals or the library. Pay particular attention to the credibility of any references used in the report. Ensure that the credibility of the references can be justified. What is the source of your research? Can it be trusted? How do you know? Only credible information is to be used for this assessment. Marketing Assignment help

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