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 What are the types of inquiries?

Q-2. What are the limitations of ethical code?

Q-3.Explain the ethics and codes of business conduct in MNC.

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Q-4. Explain collective bargaining. How it is done?

Q-5. Give a balanced overview on law relate to manufacturing.


                               MBA 302 (ENTREPRENEURSHIP & BUSINESS PLANNING)

Q-1. ‘Management is an art as well as science’. Comment on this statement. Management Assignment Help

Q-2. Write a note on decision making environment.

Q-3. What do you mean by span of control? Explain the factors affecting span of it.

Q-4. Explain in brief the essentials of good control system.


Q-5. Discuss the classification of projects.


                                 MBA 303 (OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT)

Q-1. What is the input–transformation–output process?

Q-2. What are the speed objectives?

Q-3. Describe operations strategy and its type.

Q-4. What are the effects of process variability?

Q-5. What is designed in a product or service?


                                 MBA 508 (INDIAN FINANCIAL SYSTEM)

Q-1. Describe Structure of Indian Financial System?

Q-2. What is the Importance of Money Market?

Q-3. What are Functions of a Capital Market?

Q-4. What is the Characteristic of Stock Exchange?

Q-5. Describe the function and objective Functions of IDBI? Management Assignment Help

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