Human Resource Management homework help


Imagine that you are the labor relations manager for a company  that has entered into the grievance process with a number of employees  who dispute recent disciplinary action taken against them. Your role is  to prepare the necessary documents, schedule the meetings, and notify  the appropriate staff and union officials about the upcoming process.  Ultimately, this process will encompass the first four steps of a  typical grievance process. Human Resource Management homework help



Create a 12–15-slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:

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  • Outline the four steps of the grievance process.
  • Prepare a slide that designates the responsibilities of each party involved.
  • Determine the main employment laws that may govern this action.
  • Recommend one outcome for the situation and the ethical implications.

Use at least five quality academic resources in this assignment.  Consider beginning with your course textbooks and scholarly sources that  can be found in the Strayer Library.

Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource. Human Resource Management homework help

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