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Leonie lives alone in the community. She used to work as a teacher prior to giving up work 10 years ago to care for her husband who was diagnosed with cancer. She cared for him at home for two years, until his death. Leonie was a keen gardener, artist, and enjoyed going to the movies until the past few years. Over the past six months Leonie has been spending less time outdoors and more time at home. She states that she no longer has interest in her painting, gardening or going to the movies with her friends, which were activities that once gave her a lot of joy. She reports being tired and tends to sleep more during the day. She used to walk for half an hour in the morning three days a week for exercise; however, over the past 6 months she has not been going for her daily walks and has been sleeping in. She also stopped driving 6 months ago. Health Assignment Help

Leonie has been admitted to an acute medical ward. You obtain the following information from Leonie’s notes:

Leonie is 73 years of age, 160cm tall and weighs 105kgs.

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Leonie arrived at the emergency department via ambulance after presenting at her local shops confused and agitated. She was found to be febrile and hypertensive on initial assessment. Leonie was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and has been commenced on antibiotics.

On transfer to the ward her vital signs are within normal limits, but she still appears confused. Leonie’s medical history includes a decubitus ulcer on the shin of her left leg (0.5 cm long), arthritis in her knees, hypertension and urinary urgency.

Leonie has no children but does have two sisters, both older than her, who live nearby. Both sisters have expressed concerns that Leonie may not coping at home and are concerned that she may need more support to manage tasks such as cooking and selfcare.

They report that Leonie has been buying microwave meals for the past 6 months rather than preparing fresh food. She previously cooked a lot of her vegetables from the garden; but the garden has been unkept for the last 12 months.

Leonie’s sisters also report that her personal care has declined and she has become quite unkempt over this time. They also report that she has gained approximately 6-10kg in the past 6 months. Health Assignment Help

In hospital Leonie has been using a walking frame to assist with her mobility. She appears to be in discomfort when standing up from a seated position and when walking. She needs supervision for transfers, and can attend to her self care activities when set up by nursing staff. Leonie has some difficulties planning tasks needed to get dressed. Leonie is very keen to return home and cooperate with interventions. She is, however, reluctant to access home support services, fearing this could lead to her being placed in a nursing home and she has insisted that she wants to remain living at home.

You may use a report style for assignment (brief introduction, body and brief conclusion; you may use headings).

The report must be all your own work as per your plagiarism agreement.

The report should address the following criteria:

Criterion 1 – Succinctly discuss three (3) of Leonie’s behavioural health risk factors (i.e. not diagnoses such as anxiety or depression), with reference to current peer reviewed literature.

Criterion 2 – Critically evaluate three (3) best-practice assessment tools used by nurses that are appropriate to the risk factors identified, with reference to current peer reviewed literature.

Criterion 3 – Discuss at least two (2) interventions that will support Leonie via a person-centred approach and justify these with reference to peer reviewed literature.

Criterion 4 – Critically analyse how your chosen interventions relate to your obligations as a Registered Nurse with reference to peer reviewed literature.

Criterion 5 – Write in a clear and succinct manner, with correct use of grammar, terminology and Harvard referencing style. Health Assignment Help

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