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The aim of the current study is to identify and understand the security challenges of Artificial Intelligence within healthcare sector. The purpose of the present study is to identify the factors that drive security issues and also find the factors that can safeguard and secure data of the medical organizations against data security beaches with respect to Artificial Intelligence based systems within the medical field.  Engineering Assignment Help

The aim of the current research study is to propose an integrated security model comprising of relevant security tools and policies that can prevent the issue of manipulation and modification of data within the medical field. In order to find relevant answers to the research questions of the secondary data has been extracted from the present literature and interview process has also been conducted with the medical service providers and doctors of the medical organizations in order to understand the  practical challenges faced by the doctors while using the Artificial Intelligence systems for providing quality healthcare to the patients.

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The findings of the literature and the interview process depicts that there is high scope of security challenges with respect to Artificial Intelligence systems within in the medical field. One of the major factors that increase the security concern in the use of AI technologies is that the entire operations of the AI systems is based upon the large data sets which increases the concerns regarding the privacy of the patient’s medical history. The data that is accessible to these systems usually confidential and private data of the patients which if maliciously used can cause huge negative impacts over the health of the patient and eventually the reputation of the medical organization in the market.


This makes it important for the government and the researcher to take steps in order to increase the transparency in the AI systems and provide the medical health providers with the relevant skills in order to identify the sources of threat and take autonomous actions in response accordingly.  Engineering Assignment Help


Artificial Intelligence as well as machine learning refer to terms which are employed for describing the computerized form of tactic for identifying the intricate quantitative relationships in observational data, as well as one which could evolve with generation of new data. Whilst Artificial Intelligence is not essentially new concept, the advancements in recent times with respect to computing power, sophisticated algorithms, as well as automated systems for collection of data have led to the explosion with respect to the capabilities / utilization concerning Artificial Intelligence (Thompson et al. 2018; Islam et al. 2015; Luxton et al. 2016). The same is also facilitated with increases over capabilities of parallel computing by way of adopting architectures like that of Graphics Processing Unit (“GPU”) as well as various frameworks akin to cloud-based computing. The advances within computing has led to then ambling of wider spread adoption concerning highly sophisticated form of modelling approaches which have made it is possible to have accurate predictions (Thompson et al. 2018; Islam et al. 2015; Luxton et al. 2016). Across the medical domain, significant data sources like that of outcomes data, electronic medical records, laboratory data, imaging data, pathology data, record / verify systems, radiotherapy planning data, various instrument data, etc. offer opportunities to undertake application of the various Artificial Intelligence methods, tools, and systems for enhancing the technical capabilities as well as overall safety and quality in the delivery of health care. The prevailing higher quality assurance as well as data dependent frameworks within the medical domain offer both strategic as well as compelling foundation with respect to present/ future development concerning Artificial Intelligence as well as the integration of the same within patient care as well as other affiliated workflows (Thompson et al. 2018; Islam et al. 2015; Luxton et al. 2016).

Artificial Intelligence, akin to other technologies, has various vulnerabilities when widely applied. In specific to the medical domain, the security challenges are the most prominent ones as highly sensitive and confidential data concerning the patients are involved. In this context, the proposed research study shall focus over the security challenges in applying Artificial Intelligence within the medical domain. Engineering Assignment Help

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