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You work for firm ABC situated in Australia, and your boss has become concerned about the current economic environment, especially as it is related to the different types of exposures that your firm may face in the near future. You are asked to provide a report, which evaluates how your firm is exposed, the risk management implications for your firm, and possible hedging strategies. You are also required to provide a recommendation for what your firm should do.

Information about Firm ABC:

1. The firm imports medical equipment to Australia from foreign suppliers located in Japan, the United States and the Switzerland.

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2. The firm also exports pharmaceuticals from Australia to Singapore.

3. The firm has a payment of 600,000,000 JPY due in 3 months to their supplier in Japan, a payment of 5,000,000 USD due in 3 months to their supplier in US, and a payment of 7,000,000 CHF due in 2-month time to their supplier in Switzerland.

4. The firm is due to receive 9,000,000 SGD from their customer in Singapore in 4 months.


5. The firm also have 10,000,000 CHF deposited in a bank in Zurich and the deposit is due to mature in 2 months. The money was deposited 10 months ago at an interest rate of 1.75% p.a.

You are required to prepare a report, which should contain the following information: 

1. Use the information above to consider the types of exposure your firm may face.

2. Discuss the firm’s risk management implications and design hedging strategies for the firm. You also need to evaluate the hedging outcome – what will the outcome be if exposure is hedged and what will the outcome be if exposure is not hedged.  Economics homework help

3. You should consider the effect of the current economic environment on foreign exchange market, demand for exports/imports, supply of exports/imports and other relevant economic indicators, and relate this to how this may impact the firm.

Allocation of Marks 

The assignment accounts for 40% (a total of 40 marks) of students’ final grade for BAFI1018 International Finance. Marks will be allocated as follows:

1. Exposure (10 marks) 

Marks will be awarded based on your understanding of different types of exposure related to this firm

2. Understanding of risk management (5 marks) 

Marks will be awarded based on your understanding of the importance of risk management and the available risk management measures including potential hedging strategies

3. Design of hedging strategies (10 marks) 

Marks will be awarded based on the relevance, the effectiveness and the cost of the proposed hedging strategies

4. Hedging outcome (10 marks) 

Marks will be awarded based on your calculation and evaluation of the outcome if the company’s exposure is hedged using the proposed strategies as well as the outcome if the company’s exposure is not hedged.

5. Communication (5 marks) 

Marks will be awarded based on how well the report communicates analysis, arguments and viewpoints and how well the report is written. Students

General Instructions 

• _The project is due by 1pm 14 June 2021 (Melbourne Time)

• _Each student is required to submit a project report, including all the supporting analysis and materials by the due date. The report should be no longer than 1500 words (excluding reference, tables and appendices). Citation and referencing should be provided where necessary. Students should follow the Harvard referencing style.

• _All report submissions must be made electronically to Turnitin. The report must be using 1.5 or 2.0 spacing and 12 point Times New Roman font.  Economics homework help

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