Accounting homework help

Merger Essay (Mastery Assignment)
Using the information provided in the end of the chapter problem 21-6, write a 1500-word essay about a fictional company contemplating a merger.  You are the owner of the purchasing company.  Your essay will be used to persuade the stakeholders to proceed with the merger.  Please write the essay in first person.  Include in the essay the following information: Accounting homework help

  • Set the stage with your fictional companies.
  • What type of merger will it be?  What benefit would it be to the buyer?


  • How would the buyer determine if the merger would be profitable?
  • Complete a merger analysis using the discounted cash flow analysis and show your results in the essay.
  • Would this acquisition be in the buyer’s best interest?  How?
  • Summarize your information with a closing statement.

Make your case with persuasive evidence to provoke the stakeholders to move forward.Click the link above to submit your completed assignment.Requirements:

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  • Prepare a quality, substantive paper that addresses the objectives of the assignment and the expectations set forth in the grading rubric.
  • A minimum of 1500 words excluding the title page and references is required.
  • Use APA format – Refer to APA Style and the Online Writing Center resources in Academic Resources for guidance on paper and citation formatting.
  • Cite at least five credible sources (for this paper, the textbook can count as one of those sources)
  • Use tables and graphs to present data, where applicable. Accounting homework help
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