What internal constituents need to be involved?

Emergency and disaster preparedness are topics of increasing importance to all healthcare organizations. A midsize hospital along Florida’s Atlantic cost wants to establish a comprehensive plan for responding to natural disasters and other major emergencies within its organization, as well as within surrounding communities, the state of Florida, and the Atlantic coast. 

What internal constituents need to be involved?

What external organizations/agencies should be involved?

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How should the hospital organize all the various internal and/or external parties into teams? 

What sorts of team structures should the hospital put in place to achieve these goals?

Remember, they need to organize themselves (internal) AND develop a structure to coordinate with the community (internal with external)!

Your answer must identify a specific organizational structure (functional, divisional, matrix) and must identify which internal and external people and organizations should be involved.  In other words, based on your original post, I should have the details necessary to draw a chart resembling the Figures presented in Chapter 3.

Think about this carefully.  Think about the people/jobs in a hospital’s organizational chart.  Be specific.
Incorporate course terminology and concepts.

Requirement:  One original post (200word minimum) and two additional posts.
Deadline: Saturday at 11:59 pm.

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