Takeholders in a Health Services Problem

takeholders in a health services problem include:

  • Consumers (patients and their families)
  • Clinicians (individuals in a variety of disciplines, practice groups, and hospitals)
  • Payers (insurers)
  • Businesses (e.g., pharmaceutical or medical device manufacturers)
  • Policymakers (e.g., medical organizations and government)
  • Advocacy and education groups (e.g., patient advocacy groups, societies devoted to a specific health issue, such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or the March of Dimes).
  • Others

In an environmental problem, the same general categories of stakeholders are represented, although the members of the consumer and other groups are specific to the environmental problem.

The political climate can be loosely defined as the combination of past and present public stances, often conflicting, of the key stakeholder groups as well as the prior attempts to solve the problem.

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When planning to begin a program or to conduct an intervention to address a public problem, a certain intervention may be effective from a technical standpoint but unpopular with stakeholders. If stakeholders’ needs and concerns are not addressed, the program will fail on various levels.

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