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Prior to June 1st, many homeowners have stocked up on gallons of water and canned goods, and have ensured their roll-down shutters are in good working order. With a generator and flashlights  Combat Shooter System Review standing by, residents pay close attention to any disturbance in the Atlantic or Gulf, fearful of the repeated damage caused by severe storms in previous seasons. However, many people who consider themselves hurricane-savvy quite often forget to prepare for one of the most important aspects of storm damage – the loss of communication, both among family members, as well as among news broadcasts.

Typically caused a guaranteed loss of electricity and phone lines to many residents. As storm predictions have become more accurate, people have been afforded more warning via the cone of a storm’s path – shown continuously for any threatening storm. In anticipation of the loss of power, many residents have invested in generators for radios and TVs – as well as for video games to keep bored children busy. While other, more traditional, people opt for battery-powered radios they can listen to on their porches with neighbors. Still, in the event of telephone loss, people believe they can rely on their cell phones, which may no longer be a convenience to them if cell signals are also affected by the storm.

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