Statistics homework help

  1. For      each of the following variables indicate whether it is likely to be      measured on a nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scale:

a) Religious preference

b) Intelligence (IQ)

c) Income using a range e.g. $0, $1 – $10K, $10,001 – 20K etc.

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d) Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsisus

e) Happiness

f) Weight in pounds and ounces Statistics homework help

  1. A      researcher is interested in the effects of alcohol on driving ability. She      thus recruits 30 subjects and gives half of them 0oz of alcohol mixed in      orange juice and the other half 4oz of alcohol mixed in orange juice. Both      groups wait 30 minutes after consuming their beverage before taking a      simulated driving test. Because the researcher was concerned that some of      the subjects may have to go to work after completing the experiment she      made sure that all the subjects who participated in the experiment in the      morning received no alcohol while those who participated in the evening      received 4oz of alcohol.


a) What is the independent variable?

b) What is the dependent variable?

c) Name one controlled variable

d) Is there a confounded variable in this study? If so, what is it?


3. Why can’t we draw cause and effect conclusions from intact groups (ex-post facto) designs

4. What two requirements need to be met in order to use parametric statistics?

  1. What      are the three most common violations of the normal curve? Statistics homework help
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