Special Education Timeline History And Summary

The inclusion of individuals with disabilities, both in schools and  in the community, has changed significantly over the last 100 years.  This has been influenced by a variety of events, court cases, and laws.  It is important for special education teachers to be aware of what has  instigated these changes. In addition, special education teachers need  to be knowledgeable of the laws that are related to special education  and how they will affect service delivery to special education students.

Part 1: Timeline

Create  a timeline of the history of special education from the late 1800s to  the current year. Include 10-12 major events, laws, and court cases  that, in your opinion, have influenced special education. Provide a  25-50 word description of each factor in the timeline and a rationale  for your selection.

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Part 2: Summary 

In  250-500 words summarize the changes in special education portrayed in  the timeline. Emphasize the two key special education laws, the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Individuals with  Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Discuss how each has influenced the  inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the educational setting.

In  addition, reflect upon how knowledge of special education history will  affect ethical decisions in your future professional practice.

Cite the CEC Ethical Principles and Professional Practice Standards for Special Educators to support your stance.

Support your findings with a minimum of two scholarly resources. You may include this topic’s resources.

Prepare  this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style  Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not  required.