Sociology homework help

Identify 3 specific theories or theorists that make sense to you. You may select from links posted or identify a theory that may not be represented there yet. Chances are these concepts have contributed to your “approach to helping” in some ways already.

Once you have selected 3, discuss each theories over-arching concepts briefly 1-2 sentences. Perhaps you identify with a Humanist, Existentialist, or a Systems theorist. In the next step look at how these theories shape your professional identity.

Consider and discuss how the theories you selected relate to your personality, values and basic beliefs. Discuss how these concepts also inform your approach professionally.

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  Explore a situation that illustrates how your helping method is in-line with the 3 theories you identified.

Discuss how applying these theories could help you better understand a given situation and inform how you provide help (i.e., interventions utilized). Sociology homework help

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