Sociology homework help

For this assignment, you will read two articles and a blog post and then write a response to the questions below. Submit your answers as a Word document to the assignment dropbox on Canvas. In total, your response should fill about a page in order to be thorough yet concise in your discussion.

The general theme of today’s readings is how our group memberships and social network ties improve our lives.

  1. Based on the reading “Social Networks: The Value of Variety,” how does having a diverse set of network ties provide advantages? Give at least 2 specific examples from the reading. Sociology homework help


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  2. Why is it that most people are more likely to find jobs through “weak ties” than strong ties?
  3. In what ways do acquaintances improve health? How does the author explain these potential improvements? That is, why does having more diverse contacts potentially improve our health?
  4. After reading the blog post on positive peer pressure, think about the positive aspects of how group memberships and network ties influence individual behavior. Give an example of positive peer pressure, such as peer influence that you’ve personally experienced (as the one who was influenced or the one who influenced someone else), or that you’ve seen first-hand, or from the news, TV, or from a film. Why do you think the person was influenced by the peer pressure?
  5. Are there specific types of groups that might have the most beneficial influence on an individual’s behavior (e.g., primary groups, secondary groups, in-groups, out-groups, reference groups)?
  6. After reading “Social Poverty and Relational Resources,” discuss one or two social factors that can lead to social poverty.
  7. Then, discuss one to two social policies or programs that might help to reduce social poverty. Note, the policies/programs you discuss should be collective strategies, such as policy solutions or community programs, rather than individual-level strategies.
  8. Finally, how do the three readings for today support the adage, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”?

The blog website ( )

two articles are attached . Sociology homework help

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