Sociology homework help

The second part of your discussion addresses this week’s topic. Poverty has deep impacts on the family as well as the larger society. Watch the video below and answer the questions below.

  • How has the face of poverty changed in the last 50 years? Since the beginning of the pandemic?
  • In the video, you saw an example of a suburban mom raising children.  She is employed but unable to make ends meet. Poverty caused by underemployment, divorce, or death of a spouse or partner is increasing in the U.S. How does this increase affect the larger part of society?


  • Explain how the pandemic has affected the working class and the poorest people around the world.
  • How will parents socialize their children differently in this changing economic atmosphere?
  • How does relative poverty affect the quality of life for individuals? Families? Children? Society as a whole?

Your post should be at least 500 words in length minimum.  Be sure to include examples and back up your statements with evidence from scholarly articles and books.  Two scholarly sources are required in addition to the required viewing for the week.  Respond to at least 2 classmates with substantive responses. Sociology homework help

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