Second Essay

You are an outside evaluator hired to design an impact evaluation for a new safe sex education intervention for teens in public schools in Washington, DC. The program is copying a “demonstrated evidence-based intervention (DEBI)” already shown to be effective in increasing reported condom use in Omaha, Nebraska; Portland, Oregon; and Dallas, Texas.. The program for DC has not been implemented yet. It will be offered on a pilot basis in six schools.  Prepare a memo directed to the Superintendent of Schools explaining your proposed evaluation design, and the types of data collection methods you will employ.

Submission requirements: Points will be taken off your grades if you do not follow these specifications:

  • Submissions must be single spaced
  • The page limitation is 3 — Tables/figures/graphic will not count against your page limitations
  • Submissions must have page numbers
  • Your name is required at the top of the document ON EACH PAGE in the header
  • Your name and submission title is required in the ELECTRONIC “document name” (e.g., “Dawes – Essay 2.pdf”) when you post it to Blackboard
  • Formatting of the document must be easy for the reader to follow
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