Researching Urban Sustainability Solutions

For this assignment you will choose an urban sustainability problem that interests you and research a possible solution for it.


State a question related to an urban sustainability challenge for which research may offer answers. It is fine for you to adjust your question based on research you are able to identify!

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List the (combination of) search terms you used to identify research to help answer your question (you are expected to use between 3-5 combinations of search terms, depending on your question).


List the databases (see lecture notes on finding research and library guides) you searched using these terms (you are expected to search between 2-3 databases, depending on your question).

4. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY (around 300 words)

List the references in American Psychological Association (APA) format (e.g., see for two peer-reviewed research articles that you found that would be most helpful in answering the question you selected.  Under each reference write a paragraph (around 150 words) summarizing the article. This summary should:

a) evaluate the background of the author(s) (you may have to google them)

b) describe the scope of the study

c) outline the methods used

d) summarize the key findings

e) explain how this work relates to your research question.

For more guidance on annotated bibliographies see this


Provide recommendations for how to address your chosen urban sustainability challenge. Support your argument using insights and examples from the research articles you found. Do not use direct quotes from the articles, instead put the information into your own words. You should use correctly formatted APA in-text citations whenever you are presenting information from the articles. If you will use additional sources, create a references page at the end and include proper in-text citations.

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