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Note: This discussion posting has two parts, and you are expected to respond to both parts of the discussion question.

In chapter 7, your text explores the ways in which men and women tend to differ in terms of gender role-ideology, perceptual abilities, conformity and obedience, aggressiveness, sexuality, and personality, among others. After reading this section, answer each of the questions below:


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  1. If you were given a second life and could choose to be either a man or a woman, which gender would you select? In presenting your answer, list reasons for your choice of returning as a man or a woman.
  2. Think for a moment about the role of a husband and the role of a wife. What should a husband and wife be like? When presenting your answer, consider the following questions (you do not have to answer or include all of these—they are simply to stimulate your thoughts): Who should complete household chores (inside and outside)? Who should make home repairs? Who should spend the most time with the children? Whose responsibility is it to take care of the older parents? Who should earn more money? Who should make family decisions? Who should be a stay-at-home parent? Who should prepare meals or wash the dishes? Psychology homework help
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