Psychology homework help

Assignment: Each student will carefully read a legal opinion (Hiett v. Lake Barcroft Community Association).
Upon reading said case, each student will complete a case brief following the instructions outlined below. After reading and analyzing the case, address the following issues:
1. Do you believe that certain topics should be ‘off limits’ when it comes to the subject matter of contracts? For example, should the Courts uphold contracts dealing with illegal issues (e.g. drugs, prostitution, etc.)?
2. Should triathlon participants be expected to honor their promise with respect to exculpatory clauses in contracts? In other words, does one’s promise ‘not to sue’ matter, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling?
3. Did you agree or disagree with the Court’s rationale in deciding the case?  Psychology homework help


4. Which authority should have jurisdiction (power/authority) over the issue of contracts and enforcement among private parties? Civil government, Church, Family, Self?
5. Reflect on the case in light of the truths outlined in the Christian worldview. Support your position using various Christian sources (e.g. Scripture, Catechisms, historic Christian Creeds, etc.).
Your paper must be completed based on the following criteria:
 3 full pages;
 1-inch margins;
 Double-spaced;
 12-point, Times New Roman font;
Put a title on the top line of the first page, and include your name. No other identifying information is needed. Do not include a separate cover page. Citations must be in APA format and included on a separate reference page. Psychology homework help

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