Psychology homework help

Part 1:

This assignment requires students to write a Research Problem statement on their approved research topic. This will be informed by their evaluation of previous research that was started in Unit 2 with the Annotated Bibliography Assignment. (Research problem must be 250 words)

(The assignment must be double spaced, in 12-point font, and cite sources as necessary to support your analysis.)

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Instructions: For completing this assignment, follow the guidelines regarding Research Problems discussed in the Unit 3 Lecture. The Research Problem should be approximately 250 words, about a page double-spaced. You must cite a minimum of two references in proper APA formatting. Psychology homework help


Questions you should ask yourself when composing the Research Problem:

Who is the study population? How can you further refine the study population?

What exactly do you want to understand about the topic/problem?

Is the Research Problem too broad?

How relevant is the research to your study area/discipline/major/interests?

What motivates you to do the research on the chosen topic/problem?

Why should others be interested in your chosen topic/problem?

What are the stakes involved in not addressing the issue from your perspective?

What are the concepts and issues to be studied?

Do you have enough time to complete the research?

Is an answer to the Research Problem obvious?

Part 2:

Following the steps outlined for synthesis writing in Unit 3 (Resources), write one synthesis paragraph that uses two sources from your Annotated Bibliography Assignment. See the models provided in Unit 3 (Resources) as examples.In writing this paragraph, be sure to:

  1. include a topic sentence that unifies the two sources around a shared theme and, then, to
  2. clearly address the similarities or differences the two sources have toward that shared theme.

It should be one-paragraph in length, double-spaced, and in 12pt. font. Please cite paraphrase and direct quotations following APA-style guidelines. Upload this document as a Word file.

please put part 1 and part 2 on two separate pages. thanks  Psychology homework help