Chapter 9 :

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“1.        What was Descartes’s proposal, and how did his Scholastic education influence it?

2.            Give a brief summary of the role methodic doubt plays in Descartes’s overall effort to discover certain knowledge.

3.         How is skepticism important to Cartesian philosophy?

4. What is the evil genius, and what is its significance to the Cartesian Genesis?

5.            Can the Evil Genius refute the cogito? Is there any way to “refute” the cogito?

6.         Give Descartes’s argument for the existence of God in your own words and then analyze it. Is it convincing? Why or why not?

7.        How did Descartes answer the materialists’ rejection of free will?

8.      What is the mind–body problem? How does Descartes deal with it? Is he successful? Why or why not?

9.         What is the “view from nowhere” and why is Susan Bordo troubled by its cultural pervasiveness?”

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