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Consumer behavior is changing drastically and quickly because of social media, digital technology, and easy access to information. Health care consumers are changing as well for the same reasons. For this assignment, assume that you are working as a team member of a nonprofit that links up patients with providers. Your team noted that their traditional way of connecting patients with providers (the 1-800 number and Web site form) was no longer working and that patient referrals were down despite the area still showing a high gap between patients and providers. Your organization determined that consumer behavior has changed and that a new approach was needed.


You have been tasked with detailing 3 different consumer behaviors that are newer in health care and 3 solutions or approaches for closing this gap.

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Develop a 5-page strategic promotional plan that includes the following:

  1. 3 new consumer behaviors in health care (e.g., the use of social media to find providers)
  2. 3 solutions or approaches that this organization can use to connect with consumers again
  3. An analysis of the changes in health care marketing based on these approaches and changes
  4. Best practices for communicating your strategic promotional plan to staff Operations Management homework help
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