Operations Management homework help

Need to write 500 words for below first question and 500 words for second question. Need to make PPT slides by adding pictures of the hotel.

project –  research, analyze and evaluate hospitality design concepts in light of changing customer demands and business needs. You are also required to suggest and present recommended refurbishment ideas for the case study discussed in class. Recommendations should incorporate innovative technologies and concepts. Operations Management homework help


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You are required to deliver a 20 minutes presentation (15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question time2000 words equivalent) in groups of 4 to 5 students allocated by your lecturer. The presentation will take place during class time and your lecturer will inform you in advance of date and allocated time slot. Group leader is required to submit presentation PPT including detailed speaker’s notes in Moodle by the due date. The grade assigned to the group is the grade given to every individual in that group, unless it is made clear that the group believes the distribution of work was uneven. Students will complete a “Peer Assessment Form” indicating the contribution of each group member to the work. Where a student has not contributed sufficiently to the group work, their mark for these items of work may be reduced accordingly, and where a student has not contributed at all to the group work, the Lecturer may award zero marks to the student for that piece of work.

For this Presentation you are required to provide:

1) An evaluation of current hospitality design concepts and how these have changed to meet customer’s demand and market trends. (This is based on the overall hospitality industry)

2) An analysis of the various design criteria of various operational areas in the Front of House in hospitality. Particular attention needs to be given to “Physical Environment Dimensions” with reference to the Servicescape model.  Operations Management homework help

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