Nursing homework help

Midterm Intensive Written Assignments  

Purpose:  Students will be given an opportunity to evaluate online resources addressing health information for consumers. Nursing homework help


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Review  all aspects  of the  site “Finding and Evaluating Online Resources from the NIH National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health” ( (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)).  This resource discusses strategies for insuring that the information provided is accurate and current and describes three options for obtaining health information on-line, including:


  • Finding Health Information on the Internet
  • Finding Health Information on Social Media
  • Finding Health Information on Mobile Health Apps

Choose either a web site, social media post, or mobile app that addresses a health concern.  Use the information from the NIH National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health site and evaluate its accuracy and currency.  Write a one-two paragraph post, documenting your evaluation.  The following questions can be used to structure the paragraph:

  • How do you know the site/app developers are credible?
  • Is the information provided accurate?
  • Is the information reviewed by experts?
  • How current is the information?
  • Is the site selling something?
  • How does the site handle personal information; is the site/app secure?

Be sure to provide a link to the site/app so that your instructor may also review it.  Nursing homework help