Nursing homework help

This assignment is designed for the student to examine the antecedents, attributes, and consequences of a concept. The student will identify a strong definition of this concept. If there is none, the student will develop one. The student will explore a concept, and then analyze that descriptive word and its use in literature. Steps from Wilson’s Concept Analysis will be used (Walker & Avant, 2019, p.170).


The body should not exceed 10 pages.

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Follow these steps while completing the project:

  1. Introduction
  2. Select a concept relevant to      nursing.
  3. Determine the purposes of analysis.
  4. Identify the uses of the concept      (Literature Review).
  5. Determine the concept’s defining      attributes, antecedents, and consequences.
  6. Construct a model case.
  7. Conclusion Nursing homework help