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Implement the principles of infection control, holistic nursing assessment, and nursing care to support activities of daily living.

2. Understand the basic principles of human development across the life span and adapt basic care, communication, and assessment techniques accordingly.

3. Apply the principles of a person-centered approach when practicing basic nursing skills.

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Graduate Attributes  

1. Well-informed individuals with discipline-specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to their profession or area of study;
2. Critical, creative, thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills, including research and digital literacy skills, to analyze and evaluate ideas, concepts, theories and problems, and offer insights, innovative approaches and solutions;
3. Ethical, engaged professionals and citizens who engage in, non-discriminatory, safe practices and consider the local, global, social, economic, legal and environmental influences on, and impact of, their attitudes and actions;  Nursing Assignment Help


Task detail 
Life expectancy for older Australians is increasing due to advances in nutrition, healthcare and medications. Increasing longevity, however, can lead to a gradual decline in physical and mental capacity and growing risk of disease, with many health conditions, and associated impairments associated with ageing. Nursing care for the older person must include consideration of these impairments, particularly when patient safety is compromised. This assignment requires you to write an essay discussing the implications of nursing care for a patient with one of the conditions associated with ageing listed below.

• Parkinson’s disease

• Dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease)

• Osteoarthritis

• Cerebrovascular accident
In your assignment, consider the following:

1. Discuss the issues associated with this condition which impact patient safety in the clinical environment, (for example, confusion, deteriorating mobility etc.)

2. Explain how the condition affects the older persons’ ability to safely perform their activities of daily living Nursing Assignment Help

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