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The purpose of assessment one (1) is to bring attention to policies, guidelines and practice recommendations developed by governing bodies specific to peri anesthesia nursing.

In order to deliver safe peri anesthesia care, nurses must have a solid understanding and knowledge base of interventions and practices performed during the perioperative period. By doing so, we not only safe guard our patients, we also ensure our professional practice is evidenced based and consistent.  Nursing Assignment Help


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1. Select a patient for case study who has significance to an anaesthetic policy or procedure in your practice environment. A range of policies to select from can be found in the assessment resources folder.

2. Write a brief summary of the patient’s current health problem (maximum half a page) and the significance of the case to the selected anaesthetic policy or procedure.

3. Within your essay you must:

− Describe the policy and relevance to your patient.

− Critically analyse the policy in conjunction with published literature. Ie. Identify the impact this policy has on your patient. Discuss the consequences of not having such policies and guidelines in place.

− Compare and contrast the policy to international policies on the same topic.

− Present the similarities and differences in practice as they occurred with your case study, in relation to the chosen policy. Remember, this is a focus on your role as the anaesthetic nurse, not a critique of the anaesthetist performance.

− Present recommendations for future practice. You need to demonstrate the depth of your theoretical understanding related to specific ANZCA and ACORN policies, guidelines or procedures. Nursing Assignment Help