Need This By 4am Us Eastern Time!! 2 Double-Spaced Pages Educate Me About The Video/Webcast/Post You’ve Viewed

Choose an upcoming or past “event” that is relevant to American politics from either Brookings Institution or Heritage Foundation

Specifically, make sure to address:

  • the topic being discussed;
  • title of the “event” you have chosen and the think tank (Heritage or Brookings) that hosted it;
  • background of the topic;
  • states/countries/groups/individuals/communities/businesses, etc. affected and discussed;
  • who is presenting/commenting on the “event” and why is their educational, professional, or personal background relevant to the topic;
  • suggested action plans (whether the opinion of presenters or your personal opinion) moving forward regarding this topic
  • personal section noting why you chose this topic and whether you will likely follow its ‘movement’ in the future
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