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Ch. 2 Ownership

1) What are the key elements of ownership regarding animals?

2) Is an owner free to do anything they wish with an animal?

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3) Are there any ethical concerns with transferring ownership of animal?  Does the type of animal matter?

Strickland v. Medlen, 397 S.W.3d 184 (Tex. 2013)

As the Texas Supreme Court opinion indicates, the common law denied humans the ability to recover for the death of another.  It was only in the 20th century, when states enacted statutes allowing for spouses and estates to recover for the “wrongful death” – committed negligently, recklessly, or intentionally – of another, that civil lawsuits for the death of another were allowed.

1) What is the reasoning supporting the court’s decision in Strickland?  Be specific about identifying reasons.

2) What are the interest groups that played a role in this case, and what were the groups’ concerns?