Microbiology Lab Report

I need a lab report for Microbiology. I did two swabs one of a water fountain and one swab of a classmate nose both in agar. It was divided into 4 different squares using different antibiotic seeing there was any growth. The 4 sides was wrote out like this, Tray 1-Pencillin 10 units, Tray 2- Streptomycin 10mcg, Tray 3- Chloramphenicol 30mcg, Tray 4- Ampicillin 10mcg. We used a Corning/LSE Benchtop Shaking Incubator 37* heat and for 48 hrs. It was to see where the growth gravitated toward which antibiotic. #1 Agar was nose swab and the growth was in 3&4 size of a penny and most of the growth was in tray 4. Agar 2 was the water fountain and the only growth was in #2 streptomycin 10mcg size of a pencil mark. I need for the different antibiotics to be described and how they can be used.