Mass Communication Assignment

1. Choose a quote that inspires or intrigues you from the appropriate chapter in the textbook, and display it at the top of your post = 4 points

2. Write at least two substantive paragraphs of personal reflection about (or inspired by) that quote. = 10 points

  • DO NOT tell us what the quote means.
  • DO tell us why you chose it.
  • DO NOT tell us that you chose your quote “because it’s true.” Be more thoughtful and creative than that.
  • DO tell us why it called to you, and how it relates to your own experience.
  • DO NOT write just two or three sentences and call it a paragraph. Make them substantial, with topic sentences and supporting sentences. Just like in English class.
  • DO format your entry properly, with full paragraphs and visible paragraph breaks between them at appropriate and logical places within the context of your blog.
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