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For this question, you’ll be thinking about some of the terms that we’ve started to discuss – color, line, pattern, shape, etc. – through an ‘art assignment’. You have three options to explore these concepts. Do not worry too much about needing artistic skill or expensive materials to do this project. This project is more about challenging you to engage creatively with the concepts we’ve been studying. You may need to try a few times to get the work right, so don’t be afraid to experiment and test out ideas to see which works the best.  Management homework help

This assignment serves two purposes as it both  and serves as a chance to test out uploading a document to Canvas and TurnItIn. TurnItIn is a plagiarism checker that will be used for various assignments in the future (something you’ll be asked to do with the museum report and with other written assignments). While I don’t at all think you’ll plagiarize this assignment, this is instead to give you familiarity with the system before you use it later in the course.


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**Only myself and our SIA, Amanda, will be able to see your work and read your text.**

  1. Choose one of the three options and follow the directions in the video to create your artwork. Make sure to scroll down and watch the highlights video (if available) and check the examples of other people doing this same prompt.
  2. Include image(s) of what you created  *you do not need to hashtag this work or upload to social media*
    • You can attach these or add them into the document where you type up your response.
  3. Write a 300 word or more reflective response to the questions listed for your option and upload it as a Word Doc or PDF. Remember, these are not made public.

Extra Credit: You may include a photo of yourself (selfies are ok!) in your document for me to get to know everyone in the course a bit better. I’ll give you 2 points of extra credit in this assignment for including this photo and 1 point of extra credit in this assignment for having a clear profile image of face. These don’t have to be the same photo either. If there are privacy issues that prevent you from having an image of your face as your profile picture, please let me know and update it with an image of some kind. If you opt to not complete this assignment and want to still submit the extra credit, please email it to me by Sunday. Management homework help

Option #1: Paper Weavings – Pattern, Color, and Order

Include an image of your weaving.

Explain why you created what you did for this project – why did you choose the paper, color, and design that you did? How was the design on the paper, its color, and/or the end pattern significant to you?  As the video mentions, this project looks simple but yet has complex meaning. What was surprising about this assignment for you? What did it help you learn about pattern, order, color, and/or abstraction?

Option #2: Self Shape – Shape, Line, and Color

Include an image of your self shape.

Explain why you created what you did for this project – what was significant about the shape/design and material that you created it with? How did it represent you? As the video mentions, we often use visuals to represent us that are already created. How did creating something from scratch challenge you? What was surprising about this assignment for you? What did it help you learn about shape, line, and color?

Option #3: Whitescapes – Color and Light

Include the two images of your two color/light comparisons.

Explain why you picked the two white objects you did and what happened to their color when you placed them together. How would you describe that new color? What happened when the lighting changed and how would you describe the objects’ color under this new light? As the video mentions, this project looks simple but yet reveals a lot about the subtleties of color and how subjective it is. It also points to how words are limiting, carry unacknowledged meanings, and often simply constructs. What was surprising about this assignment for you? What did it help you learn about color and light?

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