Management homework help


Module 1: The Challenging Context of International Business

Module 2: Sustainable and Natural Resources

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Module 3: Socio-cultural forces

Module 4: Political Forces that affect Foreign trade

To assess the students’ understanding of the first five (1 – 5) modules of the text.  Select topics that interest you from the text.  Only utilize topics in the text required by this course.  Provide your experience and comment on how the topic impacts you from what is occurring in today’s international business environment.


The paper should be between 5 – 6 pages and not exceed 6 pages (title and reference pages are not included), written in APA format 7th edition.  You may access the library for additional APA resources.  A link to the Amberton University Library has been provided for you in the General Section of this classroom.  Please review it for proper program guidelines for writing written assignments. Management homework help

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