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Prepare a 3-5 page report (excluding the cover page, the reference page, and any tables and graphs), which compares and contrasts various sampling processes or models. You may use hypothetical or computer generated data for this exercise. Based on problem 5 and 6 on pages 291-292 of Albright and Winston, use your computer generated data to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Monte Carlo sampling and Bootstrap sampling. Why are they better than the basic simple random sampling? Could you provide one real world case where Monte Carlo sampling should be used and one case where Bootstrap sampling is more appropriate? Management homework help


HintA word document with written description of assignment work will not receive any credits. The work must be supported by all the original details of your work on excel. Be sure to copy and paste your excel outcomes as part of your paper flow. You also must attach your Excel file with Worksheet details, to receive credits for statistical analysis. Finally, present your raw data, and excel output tables and graphs to illustrate how well your regression may fit into the actual seriesYou do need to analyze your own data, show output results, and discuss them in your paper.

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Here are two links you may use to get the data: the Bureau of Economic Analysis and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Other sources are welcome as well.

Use APA format checklist (especially section headings) posted in the Announcement and the grading rubric for writing assignments in the syllabus. Management homework help

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