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Option 2) Examine a contemporary, living, well-known, public figure and write about the leadership traits, skills, and behaviors (style) you think this person demonstrates. Use specific examples to support your argument and analyze these characteristics according to the theories in Chapters 2, 3, and 4. Explain how the theories you selected provides a useful way to understand this person’s leadership. Cite your sources appropriately. Management homework help


Chapter 2 Leadership Trait Approach examines the many studies conducted through the years on individuals’ personal leadership characteristics. It also identifies and discusses some of the important traits consistently associated with people who are considered leaders.

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Chapter 3 Leadership Skills Approach discusses an approach that takes a leader-centered perspective but emphasizes skills and abilities that can be learned and developed. This approach suggests that knowledge and abilities are needed for effective leadership. The chapter also describes a skill-based leadership model.

Chapter 4 Leadership Behavioral Approach focuses on the behavior of leaders—what they do and how they act. It describes a number of important research studies that have examined this aspect of leadership. This approach expanded the study of leadership to include actions of leaders toward subordinates in various contexts. Management homework help

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