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This assignment is a continuation of the employee satisfaction survey results and GROW model template assignment that you completed in Module Two. Management homework help

The organization you work for has been conducting employee satisfaction surveys among its employees every two years to gain a deeper understanding of employees’ views on areas such as customer service, the company’s overall strategy, job satisfaction, rewards and recognition, and training and development. The most recent survey was conducted this year. The organization wants to conduct another survey in two years.

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Building on your work in the Module Two Assignment, populate the last two sections in the template: Identified Gaps—Obstacles and The Way Forward—Action.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Identify multiple obstacles based on your evaluation.
    • Consider skill gaps, organizational culture, and resources among other things.
  2. Explain whether a change to the goals is necessary based on your evaluation.
    • Have the identified obstacles impacted the goals selected?
  3. Explain the desired future state based on your evaluation.
    • Consider potential impact on survey results over time, the “why.”
  4. Provide a few recommendations for the way forward action plan.
    • Propose action items you believe will close the gap between the current state and the desired future state. Management homework help


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