Long-term care and Muslim

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Long-term care and Muslim 

In this scenario, you are administrators at a hospital that has seen an increase in the number of patients coming in for treatment that require the specific health care accommodations. As a result, hospital staff have repeatedly asked for more training to know how to more effectively interact with these patients.

600 word paper to assist hospital staff with how best to interact with these patients. Cover the following:

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  • Review any policies that inform on this population.
  • Cite any previous cases regarding the interaction between the health care industry and the culture, religion, or ethnicity.
  • Review best practices typical for an organization that you selected.
  • Identify internal resources that would be available at the organization you selected.
  • Identify organizations that can assist with the population you selected.

Question Description

I want you to write about how Saudi Arabia is going to capitalism. the main points are on attached file. Also, I want you to give my opinion in the paper. My opinion as a Saudi guy 21 years old who came from Riyadh all the way to California to get bachelor degree, and go back again to riyadh after I complete my degree . Also I support the 2030 vision. The women rights in Saudi Arabia now like they can drive, not cover their face. Mainly write about Saudi economy and Abdullah Financial city in riyadh.

10 pages

7 sources

double spaced

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