Literature homework help

  1. Provide a brief overview of the story
    DÉSIRÉE’S BABY  so as to provide a foundation for your response.
  2. How is the story you’ve chosen relevant today (in terms of its characters, plot, and/or themes?
  3. Describe in detail the aspect of the story to which you would like to respond. Explain this aspect stood out to you and support those ideas with actual textual evidence from the story.


  4. Provide a rationale for your ideas—the “so what.” Why is this aspect important to an understanding and appreciation for this story? How can/do readers connect with this aspect of the story? In what way does the story relate or allude to modern-day events, and what would it appear to say about them? Finally, should this story continue to be assigned as a reading in a college literature course? Why or why not?
  5. 5 Pages

Link to story: Literature homework help

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