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During this summer semester, we examined a number of different theories, perspectives, and theoretical concepts. These theories provide different frameworks for looking at and understanding social justice issues, including crime more generally. In the final paper for the course, you are being asked to write an essay that demonstrates both your critical thinking skills, and your understanding of (at least) one of the theoretical perspective from the class. Your task is to select both a theory and a larger social issue/problem, to explain both of these, and then to explain the role your chosen theory specifically plays in understanding/addressing the social issue you have chosen. So, for instance, you could pick anomie or strain theory and use this to explain the current rise in crime rates. You could explain how conflict theory helps to understand voter suppression, wealth inequality, or even climate change. Or, you could use control theory to explain why early childhood development is so important and argue for nationalized child-care. The theory you select and the problem/issue you examine is up to you. Law homework help


Your paper should do the following:

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  1. Elaborate/summarize the main tenets/points of the theoretical perspective you have chosen.
  2. Discuss the larger social issue/problem you have identified.
  3. Explain why the theory you have chosen helps explain/understand/address the social issue/problem you have identified.
  4. From a social policy/criminal justice/societal perspective, discuss at least TWO ways in which this issue/problem can be dealt with and how your chosen theory does or does not contribute  to (or does/does not inform) the solution.

now all you doing is an outline

Your final paper for this course asks you to apply theory to a social issue/problem you identify. To get you started on your final paper, you are being asked to construct an outline in which you identify and briefly explain what you will be addressing in your final paper. ***You should read the final paper assignment before completing the outline.***

Your  outline must be double spaced (except for any bulleted points), in Times New Roman 12-point font, using one-inch margins, and appropriate citations. This assignment is worth 10 points. The assignment should be 1-2 pages in length.

The outline should include:

  1. Your chosen theory that you are going to explain and a brief explanation of main points of the theory (these can be bulleted).
  2. The issue/social problem you have chosen. You should explain what this is and why it is important
  3. An explanation of how the theory you chose relates to the issue/problem you have identified and how you are going to use theory in your paper.
  4. At least one specific social policy/criminal justice/societal solution to the problem/issue you have identified and a source that supports this (you you will need to cite). Law homework help
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