Investigations And Strategic Planning

Research one of the following interrogations (a YouTube search will help):

  • Jodi Arias – murder investigation (Mesa, AZ).
  • Aaron Ybarra – murder investigation (Seattle, WA).
  • Michael Dunn – murder investigation (Jacksonville, FL).
  • Cayde Lish – murder investigation (Twin Falls, ID).
  • Col. Russell Williams – murder investigation (Ottawa, Canada).
  • Stephanie Lazarus – murder investigation (LA, CA).

Write a 350- to 700-word paper addressing the following:

  • Did the interrogation appear to have a strategic plan to it? If so, how could you tell?
  • Identify two ways in which the interview went well. Explain how strategic planning likely played a part in the areas that were well-executed.
  • Identify two ways in which the interview did not go well. Explain what steps the investigator might have taken to better prepare for the interview.
  • Based on the interview guidelines, what are at least two things you would have done differently in the interview?

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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