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In this assignment you will use a loop and a custom method (or “function”), as well as built-in Java classes. Create a Java program that meets the following requirements:

  1. Ask the user to input a number between 5 and 45. Tell the user to enter 1 if they wish to exit the program.
  2. Store the user’s input in a variable with the integer data type.
  3. Use a while loop to repeat the program, checking the user’s entry in case they entered a 1 to exit the program.
  4. Create a separate method (in the same Java file) called “checkEntry”. This method must use a single parameter of the integer data type. When the user enters a number, pass that number to checkEntry for evaluation (described below).
  5. (In the checkEntry method.) If the user enters a value of less than 35, the checkEntry method must multiply that value by 5 and return the result to main(). If the user enters a value greater than or equal to 35, the program must add 10 to that value and return the result to main().Information Systems homework help
  6. Display the result of checkEntry’s evaluation on the screen.
  7. Document your code using appropriate in-line comments. This includes variable declarations, input and output methods, and logic. Your comments must explain how the program works to a programmer who is familiar with Java and NetBeans but has not seen this program before.


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Your deliverable for this assignment is the NetBeans project you created using the steps above (ZIP the whole folder that contains the project). (No screenshot.)

Note: It is fine if the program evaluates 1 (multiplying it by 5) and displays the success message before terminating. This is the expected behavior for the simplest solution to the program.

Note: This program does not check to see if the user failed to enter a number in the required range. That topic will be examined later in this course.

Tip: As with Unit 1, remember to import the Scanner class by adding the line “import java.util.Scanner” below the “package” declaration. Information Systems homework help

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